Why Get A Brazilian Blowdry Hairstyle?

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WHY should you get this hairstyle?

Frizzy Hair Caused By Humidity Why You Need A Brazilian Blowdry Image

  • Does your hair take too long to dry?
  • Is it curly frizzy or course?
  • Is it dull with no shine?
  • Do you take ages straightening your Hair?
  • Does your hair go frizzy in heat humidity or rain?
  • Do you wake up with big frizzy hair?
  • Is it too week and breaks off?
  • Do you feel like it doesn’t grow?
  • Is it feeling thinner?
  • Do you have to wear in up a lot especially on holiday?
  • Does your colour not seen to be lasting long?
  • Is your hair ruling your life?
  • Are you spending fortunes on products that don’t work?

If your answering yes to any of these questions, don’t you wish there was a product invented that would fix all of these things ?
Call us at the Style Ikon Salon, we are guaranteeing these results, we have the most advanced product in the Brazilian blow dry industry, exclusive to us, no one else has this product in Scotland!


Brazilian Blow Dry –  £79
With Tbar or Colour Tint – £99
With Half/Full Head Foil –  £120