What’s a Brazilian blowdry?

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What exactly is a Brazilian blow dry Hairstyle?

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What’s a Brazilian blowdry? – It’s a keratin and collagen replacement for your hair, some it’s only a keratin ours has extra ingredient including Brazilian nut oil and protein, we cleanse your hair with shampoo and then use a shampoo that will open all the cuticles, any hair that needs straightened to smooth out have open cuticles, we just open them all to ensure we replace all your cuticles, we then fill the cuticles and close the cuticles over trapping the ingredient in your hair, this is now it replaced giving it shine, Health, straightening, condition, all hair is suitable for this, even Afro type hair, we have the advanced Brazilian blow dry, were the only people with this product, we use the correct straightening tools to seal it in.
We have yrs of experience, this product should last 4-6 months, this is not a chemical, it’s not harmful to your hair should you wish not to repeat in the future your hair will return to the original texture after 6+ months, this is not a false straightening and should you want a curl you can still scrunch your hair and get a good conditioned curl, or should you want it straight just comb and blast dry, your drying will be cut by 50% no straighteners in most cases, you can wash your hair the same day if you desire, you can colour your hair before it, on the same day or 3 weeks after it, you can hear curl your hair also, only thing you’ll do different is use sulphate free shampoo, however if you colour your hair you will benefit from this shampoo also as will keep colour in longer hope this helps xxx

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