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Brazilian Blowdrys Glasgow Hair Length Price Chart Hair Short Medium Long Frizz Afro

Brazilian Blowdry Hair Length price chart

6”-10” – £79 add £10 for extra thick
10”-12” – £89 add £10 for extra thick
14”-18” – £99 add £20 for extra thick
18”-22” – £120 add £20 for extra thick
24″-30” – £150 add £20 for extra thick

Brazilian Blow Dry can be used on all types of hair, it does not guarantee a straight result. Some clients may still have a wave but the hair is much more manageable and the amount of time spent on styling the hair is dramatically reduced, in some cases simply wash and go. It is not permanent and the results will fade progressively with every wash. A specialist shampoo without Sodium Chloride should be used to prolong and maintain the effect. You can still colour your hair as normal, curl it and go swimming etc.

Afro hair please ask for chart to be sent to understand Afro grades

Brazilian Blow Drys Glasgow General Price List

Brazilian Blow Drys Price List

Short Hair Brazilian Blowdry £79
Shoulder Length Hair £89
Long Mid Back Hair £99
Longer Than Mid Back Hair £120
If Your Hair Is Thick Add £10
Extremely Thick Or Curly Add £20

Can wash hair same day if required
Colour hair before Brazilian Blowdry or 3 weeks after Brazilian Blowdry
Can tie up after one hour
Treatment takes 2 hrs
Sulphate free shampoo should be used at all times

Brazilian Blowdry For Afro Hair Deals

Afro Hair Short £150
Afro Hair Shoulder £200
Afro Hair Long £250
Afro Hair Long Down Mid Back £350
Please State Hair Length When Booking

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