Frizzy, Broken, Flat, Or Dry Hair Your Problem?

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Common Hair Problems From Sun, Sea, Or Styling Damage

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Having frizzy, broken, flat, and dry hair is a common sign of sun, sea or styling damage. Very few of us are lucky enough to have the thick, luscious and impossibly shiny locks belonging to girls in shampoo adverts… but it doesn’t stop us from trying.

Years of straightening, curling, combing, spraying and generally pampering our hair may produce great looking results to begin with, but it’s a short-lived illusion. All it takes is a quick downpour of rain or an unexpected gust of wind for all that hard work to be undone in a moment.

Now salons are claiming the latest and best way to beat burnt-out hair is to have a Brazilian Blow Dry. Clients everywhere are raving about what’s been dubbed the ‘wash and wear’ hair treatment. One Brazilian Blow Dry session is designed to reduce and sometimes even eliminate the need for styling appliances and hair products by ensuring hair is left smooth, straight and silky for up to four /six months at a time.

What is the Brazilian Blow Dry?

The Brazilian Blow Dry is the latest arrival in softening keratin treatments. The treatment aims to improve the texture of hair by coating each strand with a protective layer of keratin. It can transform frizzy, curly and generally unruly hair into smooth, straight and shiny locks.

It may be useful to note that the Brazilian Blow Dry isn’t necessarily a straightening treatment. Treated hair can still be teased easily into curly or wavy styles – the keratin simply eliminates frizz and gives locks a glossier, healthier sheen.

How does the Brazilian Blow Dry work?

It seems too good to be true: a quick and simple treatment that leaves your hair smooth, glossy and perfect even first thing in the morning. But how does it actually work? It’s too good to be true .. But it is true

Keratin Collagen Brazilian Nut oil and Protein

Keratin ingredient found in the Brazilian Blow Dry solution. there is nothing toxic or hazardous about keratin – it is a completely natural and restorative substance. In fact, keratin is the natural protein found in your skin, nails, teeth and about 91% of your hair. Fibrous, strong and protective, it bonds together to reinforce hair strands and keep them looking vibrant, glossy and healthy.

How they work…

Once the solution is coated onto the hair, the formula diffuse into the strand and bond the keratin proteins together, locking in the healthy, smooth new texture for a long-lasting effect.

Hair types suitable for the Brazilian Blow Dry

The Brazilian Blow Dry is usually marketed at men and women with particularly curly or unruly hair; but really it can work as an effective smoothing, shining, relaxing treatment for most hair types – even on hair that’s pokerstraight to begin with.

Straight hair

It may seem fruitless to try a relaxing treatment on hair that hasn’t got a kink to its name, but it’s important to remember that the Brazilian Blow Dry is not specifically a straightening treatment. It promises to revive and restore hair – to make it look thick, shiny and voluminous. So if you’re used to your thin, straight hair being plastered to you scalp, a Brazilian Blow Dry could add texture, gloss and even the appearance of volume.

Curly hair

Whether you have tight curls, loose waves or unruly frizz, the keratin solution will bond to strands and ease out kinks to create a softer, smoother texture. The treatment will also allow you to keep your hair wavy if you want, although the curls may be looser and you may need to style them with curling irons or a blow dryer to get the desired effect. For many people with extremely curly hair, the Brazilian Blow Dry can knock off huge amounts of time spent painstakingly straightening out ringlets in the morning.

Coloured hair

The Brazilian Blow Dry works very well on coloured hair, even if that hair has been highlighted, bleached, or tinted for decades. The damaging effects of repetitive dying – such as fly-away strands, split-ends, frizz and dryness – can be effectively hidden by the keratin. However, you are recommended to always colour your hair before the treatment rather then after, as the dying process could prematurely strip the keratin from your hair. You are advised to wait at least 3 weeks after the treatment before dying your hair if you want the effects to last as long as possible.

Afro hair

Afro hair usually requires special treatment because it grows and falls differently. A Brazilian Blow Dry may make the hair softer but it is unlikely to effectively straighten the hair completely however with repeated use it will relax and straighten quite dramatically but will take a few times