Can You Do A Brazilian Blow Dry Yourself?

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Can you do a Brazilian blow dry on your own hair?

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Doing your own Brazilian blow dry

Can you do a Brazilian blow dry on your own hair? Answer – You could, we price it with the understanding people may want to save money, and you can’t guarantee what your buying on the internet is not a chemical. It may cost you around £30 with postage and last 6 weeks if it works !the product to buy yourself would be a normal product, unlike ours thats formulated for very hard to manage hair, ours will last for between 4-6 months so it works out cheaper than buying and doing it yourself. Home products will last around 6 weeks and the results, IE, hair texture wont change much down to strength of product and the tools to put in the product, GHDs don’t work. The one problem with using these is that this could result in you opening your hair cuticles and unable to close them properly giving you even frizzier hair

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