Beware Of Copycat Treatments

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Copycats Will Dry The Hair First Before Applying Treatment


Here’s a few very important cautions to consider before you decide to have a Brazilian Blow Dry. If you don’t do your research first, you may end up with a Brazilian Blow-up Disaster!
  1. Copycat Keratin treatments are cheap and are often toxic, Chinese made products loaded with the harmful liquid ‘Formaldehyde’.
  2. Copycats don’t offer the original Brazilian Blowout hairstyle. Instead they use and promote a ‘Brazilian Keratin Blowout’, ‘Keratin Blowout’, or ‘Brazilian Keratin’.
  3. These-knock-offs give off a pungent chemical smell
  4. Copycats will ask you to keep the product in your hair for 2-3 days, you are not allowed to wash, EEEW!
  5. These copycat treatments won’t look as good after only a week or 2.

Of course you could just call Style Ikon and have the real BBD professionals give you the authentic Brazilain Blow Dry you always wanted and the real deal that people are raving about across central Scotland!

Be wise and wary out there and beware of imitation Keratin treatments!

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